Oct 282011
Notes from the Rehearsals
October 17, 2011
Discovering Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (AKA WITKACY)
(1885-1939) Dramatist, poet, novelist, painter,  photographer, art theorist, and philosopher, Witkacy was  one of the leading members of Poland‘s poetic and artistic  avant-garde of the first half of the 20th century.
Read through the play of “The Madman and the Nun”
- Life and Death of Witkacy
- Witkacy’s Demons
-Did he really die or it was his another trick?
- Interesting concept and various ideas about his life, death and  artistic mind
October 21, 2011
Discovering the style of Witkacy’s Pure Form in the theater
how his theory applies to the theater
-analyzing his paintings and portraits and photographs
- reading the play with various voices
- searching for various voices, emotional states, levels
October 24, 2011
- Read though the entire play
- analyzing the characters and the relationships
- playing with the rhythms, tempos, traveling from one emotional state to another
October 26, 2011
These are the different ideas we had in this read through of the script:
- A shrieking of madness
- The switch of sanity between Walpurg and Anna
- Finding more fluidity for Walpurg
- Finding clarity through the chaos
- Finding Grun’s actions through frustration and desperation. He can come off as rigid and condescending
- The play is sounding like sandpaper, rough and gritty
October 27, 2011
All the characters seen through the Walpurg’s eyes are machine like with its own set of parts that move, talk and react within the confinement of the machine’s – values, ideas specifications,agendas. At the end the machines malfunction and all the characters turn into a pulpy mass.


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  1. Last night’s rehearsal demonstrated the magic of live stage. This is the fun part as it all begins to come together. Wait until we add the special effects! Just think back to our first reading around Hanna’s dining room table drinking wine! I can’t wait to hear the audience’s reaction.

  2. During Tuesday night’s rehearsal, I was struck by the talent of the cast and director in this production. I feel truly honored to be a member of the cast.

  3. Tonight’s rehearsal went well and we were able to end on a positive note. Looking forward to an

  4. Tonight’s rehearsal went well and we were able to end on a positive note. Looking forward to an

  5. tonight i got home early enough to enjoy some ‘home food’.

  6. Excited to get this show on the road! I must be honest though. My body is stiff and sore this AM. I can’t imagine what others are feeling.

  7. The preview was fun last night and the audience great.

    I note the sense of family among the cast when after the show all eight of us are close together on the bed during the Q&A.

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