Aug 102012

It turns out, a play.

He announces what will be her future

Carlos Ramirez as Messenger

In January 1578, Polish writer Jan Kochanowski presented his newest play, The Dismissal of the Greek Envoys, to Chancellor Jan Zamoyski and his new bride, Krystyna Radziwillowna, to commemorate their nationally significant marriage in front of a host of leading dignitaries. The play is populated by traditional Ancient Greek characters and narrates the prelude to the Trojan war. Though seemingly distant from the period in which it was first performed, The Greek Envoys echoed the concerns of the day as Poland was on the brink of war with Russia at the time.Ambassador Theater’s Teen Production Camp, took this play, perennially popular in Poland but little-known in the US, as a jumping-off point for their exploration of both the Renaissance period and that of the Ancient Greeks, and the numerous ways the two intersected, culturally, religiously, politically, and most importantly, theatrically.
The three-week intensive focused on the basics–enunciation, projection, and movement–as well as more advanced techniques of text analysis and mask work. The campers, ages 10-19, got a glimpse of backstage jobs as well,

making their own masks and togas, writing and developing images for the audience’s programs, and even getting an introductory tour of the tech booth and lighting board.

We weathered strep throat, family illness, and broke-down cars to put on our final performance, but enjoyed by family and friends. We thank the Consular Division of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Cultural Development Corporation and SOURCE and Manny and Olga’s Pizza Restaurant for the supportultimately it was worth the hardship.

The group put on a solid, fully-memorized performance that was thoroughly enjoyed by family and friends.

Ambassador Theater Presents

Ambassadors of International Culture

ATICC’s Summer Theater Production Camp 2012


Dismissal of the Greek Envoys

By Jan Kochanowski

Directed by

Hanna Bondarewska

Assistant Director

Marta McKeown



Sofia B. (Chorus, Helen, Ulysses)

Gabriela Kiczor (Chorus, Nurse)

Julia Lachowska (Chorus, Captain)

Carlos Ramirez (Chorus, Antenor, Priam, Messenger)

Rhodesia Roberts (Chorus, Cassandra)

Cole Wright-Schaner (Chorus, Paris, Menelaus)

Stage Manager: Carlos Ramirez, Gabriela Kiczor

Lights: Marta McKeown, Cole Wright-Schaner

Sound:  Julia Lachowska

Costumes: Rhodesia Roberts, Gabriela Kiczor

Props: Sofia B.

Special Thanks to

Polish Consulate, Washington DC

 Cultural Development Corporation and SOURCE

ATICC’s Leadership, its members and supporters