Dec 192010

The cast for Under the Shadow of Wings had their first read-through today. It was an intentionally low-key affair, with the actors given deliberate instruction by director David Willinger not to act. That will come later.
“If it’s really really boring, you’re on the right track,” Willinger said. “It’s such a strong text, it stands on its own by just saying it.”

This led to some unintentionally funny moments, such the climax of The Death of Tintagiles, when 12 year-old actor Misha Ryjik screamed in terror with little more than an uninterested, “Aah.”
Discussion of the plays will come another day, though Willinger did mention his ideas for an elaborate chase to follow that scene, a “Magnum Opus hunt for Tintagiles.”
“It’ll be like Scooby Doo!” Ryjik suggested, “With all of them coming out of doors!”

Proper rehearsals for Under the Shadow of Wings begin January.