Jul 082012

What better way to learn about theatre than by traveling to Ancient Greece where it all started?

 That is just what a group of fifteen actors, ages 6 to 12, did for the last two weeks.  Held at the beautiful George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria,  Ambassador Theater’s Youth Summer Camp brought together young aspiring  thespians from as far away as Poland and gave them the opportunity to explore  the culture, music, and history of Ancient Greece.

 With the familiar stories from Aesop’s Fables as our starting point, we were able to  bring the tales  to life on stage, learning lessons not only about morality, but about  the use of masks in Greek  theater, the societal role of actors, women and prisoners in Greek life, and a bit about Greek  architecture and how we got from the Theatron to the Theater of today.

 The two-week camp culminated in a short showcase of the work we had done, which included  performances devised entirely by the campers as well as several dance pieces. The students designed and created their very own togas and masks and were very happy to share all their new-found knowledge with their friends and parents.

Now, we are getting ready for our next adventure with the play of “The Dismissal of the Greek Envoys”

We are so anxious and excited and cannot wait to hear from the parents to join our next camp at Source Theater in Washington DC July 16 – August 3, 2012

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We thank all of our parents, supporters and friends for helping  us all to have so much fun!

See you at our next adventurous and very creative summer camp!