Jun 012013

Friday, May 24, 2013

ThirdBreastcast (449x144)

Here we are, sitting on the sofa watching the movie, “Dinner with Andre,” and we are all so connected, listening to two different perceptions of the world and humanity. Where are we all going? Are we really turning into automatons which live in a habitual kind of way? Who we are is defined by our actions. Are we all driven by money? All those questions come to mind.

We take a break and give each other a massage. This helps us to feel closer, safer and we all feel a moment of true sharing, true giving without expectations, without needing money.   Money which turned us into robots who work to survive, pay bills, do specific tasks and fulfill our habitual way of living. Do we want to escape from that?  Do we truly feel happy?  Oh boy, are we truly dying as a civilization? Are we able to truly use our senses and truly see, feel, smell and taste what life is really about? Even as the characters in the movie ask these questions, so do we. How can we find the answers?

And now that we have finished the movie, a bit tired after a long day of working, rehearsing, digging through Iredyński’s words on paper, trying to understand the characters’ motivations, where are we? There are so many thoughts that come to mind, so many feelings that are hard to describe. I just want to live…but what does that truly mean? What would a truly idealistic world, one that I would love to live in, look like? What could I do to make this world actually come to be?

My first instinct tells me to just simply love and appreciate what I have, take a big breath and enjoy life, every moment of it. I have always wanted to love and be loved, but is this really possible?  I do not want to be pessimistic; Rather, I choose to believe in goodness and to be optimistic. I’d rather see the sun on a stormy day trying hard to break through. I’d rather live with a smile on my face in the most tragic moments and try to send most of my love to everywhere around me, I’d rather see people smile than in pain. I’d rather see the beauty in the world. But how that can be possible in the face of all the tragedies around the world?

The simplest thing would be to shut down the internet, TV, radio and go into the bushes and live in harmony with nature. But is nature truly safe? This beautiful nature can destroy all living creatures through tremendous hurricanes, tornadoes that can completely wipe out all villages and everything in their way. So, is it possible to live in true harmony with nature? Or maybe we should again come back to simplicity in life, as Taoism and other spiritual and religious faiths suggest, and accept what every day brings. We really only have the power to change our own behavior, and so we cannot change the whole world….unless we change the world through the way in which we live ,and add to this world what we give. That’s the key, isn’t it’?

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