Nov 022011

I am so excited about our new friendship with a fantastic team of “Balkan Sampler” event at the American University, planned for November 5th, 2011.   

We just started reading through Hotel Europa by Macedonian playwright, Goran Stefanovski, and discovered so many possibilities for all the characters and scenes.  It seems as we were thrown on a train traveling through so many interesting sites.  Each scene took us to a different world, different artistic adventure.

It is a truly fantastic ride and I am so happy to have such wonderful group of actors and students to work on this play.  The author, Goran Stefanovski gave us all a chance to get the wings and fly.

I am so grateful to Joe Martin, who has invited Ambassador Theater to be part of Balkan Sampler.  He brought together a fantastic group of directors, Gail Humphries-Mardirosian, Peter Karapetkov, Marietta Hedges and a group of the Balkan countries Cultural Attaches, members and students from the Department of Performing Arts and the Center for Global Peace (SIS) at American University as well guest actors to create such an interesting event bringing to DC plays from Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia.

I am working with great actors and students, don’t miss their performances:

HotelEuropa byGoran Stefanovski (Republic of Macedonia)

Directed by Hanna Bondarewska

Room 1: Europeretta: The Bellhop – David Berkenbilt,

Husband – Frank Turner, Mother in law – Elizabeth Bartlotta

Wife – Kendall Helblig

Room 2: Do Not Disturb: Social Worker - Jordan Van Clief

Odysseus – Grant Rosen, Circe - Laura Bruns

Room 3: One-Night Stand: Maitre D’ Hotel – Mary Suib

Young Man – Sean Sidbury, Prostitute – Jordan Van Clief

Room 4: Room Service: The Receptionist – Ray Converse

Visitor - Jeffrey Flynn Gam, Professor - David Berkenbilt

Room 5:Hotel Angels: Daughter – Kendall Helblig

Angel - Charles Merrick, Drifter - Jordan Van Clief

Room 6: Maiden Voyage: The Caretaker - Frank Turner

Bride - Jacqueline Toth, Bridegroom - Grant Rosen

GrandHotel Casino Europa: Prince Igor - John Stange, Ivana - Izzy Bartlotta

Krt, Igor’s bodyguard – Frank Turner, Mama - Rachel Silvert


Come and see our adventures November 5, 2011 at 2 p.m. or 8 p.m. at the Katzen Center at the American University.


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  1. For me this play is a beautiful/sad/funny/haunting play about the legacy of animosity in the Balkans from the wars during the breakup of Yugoslavia. Other actors and audience may get a different–equally valid– perspective. I thank the director for introducing this play to us. Without her, I would never have heard of it.:)

    My only regret is that the audience is seeing a bare sample of it. Alas, a lot of this unique play fell on the cutting room floor for time constraints. I would love to see a full staging!

  2. We are already thinking about producing the play in near future, thank you very much for your nice comment. Your commitment and acting skills are truly appreciated and I cannot wait to see you on the stage,

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