Mar 032012

  1st Rehearsal. I’m excited and slightly scared. I am one of the Bulgarians,   in a Bulgarian show which will include Bulgarian singing and dancing.    That’s a lot of pressure :) . I try to push the worries and woes of the day  behind me and go to rehearsal smiling, light and open to people and a  world of new possibilities. I am trying to act as a true professional.

(Photo by Valentin Radev)

Push;  push away the plans, and the everlasting ticking away of time, that I  have become so conscious of lately :). Push away the juggling of time  constraints, money limitations, and my desires and ambitions to… well,  change the world. 3 hours of dance rehearsal follow. Just try and stand  straight (always a struggle after a day of sitting at the office), and smile  and laugh onstage. Somehow I lose myself in the steps and the music. I forget the fights which I fight outside of the magical space called rehearsal.

2nd Rehearsal. It turns out that these folk dances are not so easy after all, and they do indeed require quite serious training, even if one is Bulgarian (so, really, the last time I danced a folk dance I was 6 or so). So anyway…. To my amusement, a kid is added now to our cast, and guess what? She learns the steps faster than I do. We are all impressed. :)

During one of the breaks, while catching my breath, I suddenly laugh and I tell my fellow actor, Kosio, I guess we had to come to America to learn Bulgarian folk dances. Somehow, despite the whole ridiculousness of the situation, I am not cynical as usual and I feel happy and light. New horizons have opened again.

4th Rehearsal. I am quite impressed with the director of the show, who’s had a surgery recently but is already with us rehearsing. (She also seems to have more energy than me). Something to learn from.

5-6 Rehearsal. We play with puppets for the first time. I am not sure what my puppet should talk about. He looks confused as well. I try to find his voice. He tries to speak in a low pitched tone, and looks a bit puzzled, as if to say… I don’t think so… I remind myself again to just keep playing. Soon, the puppet starts singing. Another puppet tries to upstage him. But he is happy to be alive again, and keeps singing.

8th Rehearsal. I am driving from NYC and late for rehearsal. I vow for the millionth time in my life that I will never be late again. Ever. Honestly.

(Not that I want to really, something always comes up. Like the traffic cop, this one time, ticket and all….. I guess I will have to just duke it out, and leave 1.5h early).

Daria Kondova

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(Photo by Valentin Radev)

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