Mar 062013

0354462600HaniaAugust2008klasowespotAnother great discovery; reading, researching, feeling, touching, hearing and seeing–all that comes to mind while reading the poems of various Austrian poets such as Rainer Maria Rilke, Ingeborg Bachman and others.  They all talk about their own experiences, troubles, they ask questions, paint pictures, experience life through the sound of their poems.  Thanks to their words, I go through the same experiences, I feel their troubles, I hear and see what they might have gone through. I laugh and cry and I travel, smell the grass, flowers, feel loved or abandoned, I live.  They all give us inspiration, they help us see what we might have not, they help us feel that special “O” and fly above, forget about ourselves for a moment and breath.  I feel fortunate to experience all that with such a talented group of people, friends, colleague actors and artists. Each of them brings their own artistry and understanding, their souls and talents.  I cannot stop feeling that special connection while hearing Maestro Carlos Rodriguez playing piano, or Barbara Papendorp singing La Vie En Rose, or Elisabeth Myers singing Meine Lippen Sie Kussen so Heiss by Franz Lehar or Scott Sedar singing Stranger in a Paradise.  The combination of the words, sounds and movements, beautifully created by Anna Lathrop and the various feelings and characters created by dear colleague actors such as Sara Barker, Karin Rosnizeck and Ivan Zizek bring us all to a new and higher artistic level. I am so thrilled to also have a chance to introduce to you the beautiful artwork of Scott Sedar whose paintings are part of our “bohemian” cafe at the Embassy of Austria.  Thank you very much to our host, Mr. Andreas Pawlitschek and the Embassy of Austria for all the support and help in sharing with our audience the beauty of Austrian poetry and celebrating   International Women’s Day with us.  With all the words of appreciation and the words of wisdom, I invite you all to experience art in so many dimensions, and please “Waltz with us!”

Join us on Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 7 pm at the Embassy of Austria.  Get your ticket on line and help us all to bring more beautiful pieces to live!

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  1. As both an actor and a dancer, I found the movement within the words of the poems to be a source of inspiration. The Austrian poets captured such strong images and rhythm in their language that dancing the poems just felt natural.
    Anna Lathrop

  2. A patchwork of poetry parading through the centuries and decades, a little sneak peak into the Zeitgeist of each era. Stanzas passing the events of the big history or a small private tale, confessions of a visionary, a struggle of the poet to create, another one sharing
    the awkwardness of modern love, or simply the pleasure contemplating a Magritte or a Chagall in poetic form. La vie en rose viennoise – a little morbidity added…; )
    Join the dance!

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