Dec 232015

HannawithLittleThomasWhiteHouse2010_EDITEDDear Santa,

Thank you very much for all your wonderful gifts this past year!  I have appreciated the love and the creativity from all of the wonderful people involved with Ambassador Theater.  Here are a few snapshots of those wonderful gifts:

Safe travels!  I can now safely transport all of the props, set pieces, and costumes to the theater for the actors and actresses to use for our amazing shows.

Thank you for sending me talented actors and designers with whom we were able to create inspiring shows such as “Rage”, “The Trap”, “Smartphones” and “Snow Child” and inspiring educational programs in schools.

Thank you for all wonderful audiences as well as the critics who came to see our shows and showered us with beautiful 5 stars reviews and compliments.

Thank you for always watching over us and sending all of your love and strength to overcome any obstacles Ambassador Theater may face.  Thanks to you, we can go on with our mission to develop an international cultural dialog through works from around the world.

Thanks to you, we explored the works from Canada, Poland, Spain and learned more about Native Americans while working with the students at Hoffman Boston Elementary School

And last (but not least!), thank you for all the angels you sent our way to help support the cost of our endeavors.

And now, I humbly invite you to send us more beautiful people, who will help us to continue developing our theater and creating an international dialogue.

I ask that you continue to bestow such generous gifts.  Please use your magic power and make our dreams come true.

We have created a special online GoFundMe Campaign to support Ambassador Theater: CLICK HERE PLEASE

Our wish list is below:

1. Help us collect generous financial support to produce more interesting shows and events

2. Which in turn create a vibrant diplomatic board of directors to help us plan and support our future seasons

3. So that we can bring more audience members to our shows

4. Empower us to create a wonderful production of “They Don’t Pay? We Won’t Pay!” for our audiences.

5. Increase the number of people who will help us develop our fundraising and marketing campaigns.

6. Support our Literary Café Programs at the embassies such as one planned for the Embassy of Israel, March 8, 2016 and help us create more in 2016 to introduce our audiences and artists to beautiful poetry and music from around the world.

7. Send our way the angels to offer summer camp to underprivileged children in DC Metro area.

8. Help us develop more powerful partnerships with other organizations such as Kennedy Center and more.

9. Give all artists all your protection to create and inspire our audiences! Tell them to join our support circle

The list might be long but we will be truly grateful for whatever you send our way,so that we may send you in return our passion and our work  done with the same love for international theater that helps us carry on our mission!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

P.S. If you wish to write back to me, our mailing address is 916 G Street, NW, Washington DC 20001

I would be truly happy to hear from you!

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