Apr 222011

Hoffman Boston ES students become Ambassadors of International Culture

This season Ambassadors of International Culture Educational Program travels to ancient Egypt and China with the 2nd Graders of Hoffman Boston Elementary School in Arlington, VA.  

We have started coming to school twice  a week since October 2010 and helped the students to learn about the ancient worlds of Egypt and China  through the theater games and exercises.  The first few weeks the kids traveled on the world map and learnt about the continents, and major oceans.  They had lots of fun playing the games with the mnemonic devises as tongue twisters which helped them to memorize all the continents and oceans.  They have invented several rap songs with the continents and oceans while dancing around.  They played Echo Games with various character voices and with emotional expressions while reciting all the names.   Finally after few weeks of understanding where each continent is on the map they traveled to Egypt and China.

Reading the alphabet written in hieroglyphics and symbols became a  truly fun time for all kids.  They learned to visualize all the symbols through movement and memorized short poems about most important inventions, facts and monuments related to a specific country.

It was  so wonderful to watch them creating the pyramids, imitate the Sphinx or move as Pharaoh.  I cannot wait to see the final presentation June 7th!

It’s been a true pleasure to go to Hoffman Boston and discover the beauty of Ancient Egypt and China with kids who have so much to offer.

Now, we are excited to work with the Embassy of Egypt and China.  Few days ago I met with Mrs. Suzi Shoukry, wife of the Ambassador of Egypt, who graciously invited all the kids to visit her at the Ambassador residence in May and enjoy a nice exhibition of Egyptian art and little mummies while listening to Mrs. Shoulry talk to kids about her beautiful country.  There is going to be a surprise but I will talk about it later….

I also met with Mr. Tibin from the Embassy of China who has already prepared lots of materials in support of learning about China and to help us make our presentation more colorful.   We are already very excited about that too but the kids will find out later about it after they come back from their Spring Break!

You may watch us on the schools website: http://www.apsva.us/1553201016103444450/blank/browse.asp?A=383&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&C=66856

We will let you know more later!

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