Feb 232012

  When the full cast met for the first time, we could hardly contain our  excitement. Not only were we about to create a show that would bring  Bulgarian art to a broad audience, we were preparing this show for a  beautiful space: The George Washington Masonic Memorial Temple.  After one rehearsal, I became nervous. I realized how little I knew about  Bulgarian culture. But three rehearsals later, I realized how much more I  wanted to learn. The music and culture of Bulgaria is rich with diverse  history and influence. A nation that stands as a gateway between east  and west, their art is a  reflection of the many peoples who have passed through their lands. But  with every new chapter to the history of their country, the Bulgarian  people have always held fast to their own identity. They continue to  dance, sing, and play as only Bulgaria can.

I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to dance as they do.

- Daniel Rovin

“If you hop and jump this much, you cannot help but feel happy.” – Lilia


“Dancing, singing, playing, and puppetry. What more can you ask for in one day?” –  what everyone was thinking at the time!

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