Jan 092010

Rula2I have always believed that life is better than fiction. Through the turbulent internal dialogue of a woman who has suffered traumatic experiences, I finally began to reconcile with myself that it’s okay to exist. Through the art of writing and drama, I have discovered that my home is theatre and my sanctuary are the words that spill from my lips in short fiction, novels, and currently this monologue: “NOT MY LABEL: A Journey of Discovery”.
 This monologue was created as I was working on my novel, “In the Box”. It spewed naturally that I should perform this piece as I was working on the novel. It is based on true life experiences but is tweaked for the theatre.  It is an accountability of sorts based on the stereotypes people place on themselves and one another. A need to label.
The strength of women, like Lilia Slavaova and Hanna Bondarewska has paved a path for courage for me. Though we are practically strangers, we merged effortlessly in the belief that each story I write has to be heard.
My goal is to continue to delve into the world of short stories and express through versatile characters a world that seems improbable. I want readers to enjoy the stories and imagine the pain of others, if simply for the sake of forgetting their own. Each piece I write is filled with burst of colorful passion, intertwined with cultural taboos. I hope I am able to convey this to all audiences.
       I want my children to raise their heads high when they turn their heads back to the horizon, even though their mother’s acts have interfered with their notion of a stable home. I want them to be strong, powerful, women proud of their Arab American heritage and their voices be heard through the echos of time.

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