Oct 202010

We are now after the opening of “The little Prince.  Success, many great reviews and great feedback from everyone who came to see the show!  I feel so excited that our mission is truly working and we are creating such a great collaboration of artists to work on such beautiful productions as “The Little Prince”.  I am so grateful to a very talented director and me dear friend, Lilia Slavova, for creating this    magical show on the stage.  I do not have enough words of  gratitude to my Associate Artistic Director and best friend,  Magda Pinkowska without whom nothing would be  possible.  Thanks to her devotion and professionalism and  talent we are able to be a true artistic team that continues to  carry out the artistic and business vision of our theater.

I am also very grateful to our very supportive Board of  Directors whose friendship and support allows us all to  bring more and more interesting works from around the  world and share it with the DC Metro area audience.

I am  also very happy to welcome our friend, Madeline Muravchik as the Director of Development to our Ambassador Theater team.  Some of you might remember her from our production of Summer at Nohant.   We are very grateful to Madeline for her help in developing our grant programs and promotion. I am so happy to work with such talented actors and crew to bring so imaginative show with powerful messages to life.

Congratulations team!

Oct 142010

Ambassador Said Jawad and Hanna Bondarewska at IFE/INFO Public Policy Roundtable

Wearing many hats could be a truly exhilarating experience!  I have been always changing hats in my life since I was a little girl.  I loved hats and my mom and everyone told me that I look good in them.  They allowed me to change not only my appearance but also my attitude and behavior. Once I was a cowgirl with a huge hat and pants or another time a Sheik.  But these days in America I wear a different type of hats, those hats that you do not go on stage and get into a specific character but actually multitasking and taking care of many things usually done by various people.  These days I had to learn how to wear a magician’s hat that magically would turn things around and make them happen.  

I am now a business manager, developer, artistic director, box office manager, house manager, janitor, production manager, marketing director, PR, and so on and on and on.  I believe my acting skills and enormous energy given to me by my parents and God help me to really take upon myself so many roles until we get the Ambassador Theater on its feet.