Jul 202010

We are extremely delighted to embark on our second season  at Ambassador Theater with the most prominent Belgian  playwright, poet, and essayist, and Nobel Laureate: Maurice  Maeterlinck, whose very symbolic works aroused so many  artists around the world and demanded a new artistic vision.  Despite the passage of time, Maeterlinck’s words still inspire  artistic exploration and experimentation with new eyes.  Maeterlinck wanted to reveal the interconnectivity of the  inner and the outer world, a mirroring of the macro to  microcosm. Today in the Information Era, as in Maeterlinck’s  time with the Industrial Revolution, we search for spiritual connectedness with the universe, with each other, and within ourselves. We search for a common tongue to provoke each other into dialogue. With these two of Maeterlinck’s very different plays, a fairy-tale and a satire, death is a main subject, seen from distinct perspectives. Both pieces provoke us to laugh, cry, think and enter into a shared conversation.  As the author and translators have inspired me to present both plays, so the actors and designers helped to craft the artistic vision for which I am extremely grateful. We invite all to an open discussion about life and death and Maeterlinck’s artistic vision presented to you with the gracious partnership of the Embassy of Belgium.

Enjoy the show!