Jul 032014
Photos from SUMMER

Ambassador Theater’s campers, most of whom, were awarded scholarships to attend a International Youth Theater Production Camp at the George Washington Masonic Memorial are busy putting together a play, where they will be showcasing their pottery, costumes, paintings, amongst other crafts

Students learned much about the many stories and attributions regarding the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greek Times! They worked diligently to learn about these figures to better assume their roles in the play, The Gods & Goddesses Bake Off. A comical and descriptive production, where all the Gods of ancient times meet to compete in the one thing they’ve never had to do, a bake off! IMG_0263

During the summer camp, students, along with the help of Ambassador Theater staff, especially Ms. Lilia Slavova, made paintings, depicting the Gods and their characteristics, to better learn more about their role. They designed pottery, with Ancient Greek designs. Also, they used crafts as props to compliment their Godly wardrobe.

In addition to the many crafts, students have strengthened their acting skills, being directed by the Ambassador Theaters Artistic Director, Hanna Bondarewska. For all students, it’s their first time entering the George Washington Masonic Memorial, where they were awed by the paintings, architecture, and overall elegant atmosphere. Soon, they will show their friends, family, and all who come how godly they can be.

Don’t miss the performance of “The Gods and Goddesses Bake Off” on Thursday, July 3, 2014 at 12 pm at the George Washington Masonic Memorial Theatre, 101 Callahan Drive, Alexandria VA

Yorman Amador

Aug 102012

It turns out, a play.

He announces what will be her future

Carlos Ramirez as Messenger

In January 1578, Polish writer Jan Kochanowski presented his newest play, The Dismissal of the Greek Envoys, to Chancellor Jan Zamoyski and his new bride, Krystyna Radziwillowna, to commemorate their nationally significant marriage in front of a host of leading dignitaries. The play is populated by traditional Ancient Greek characters and narrates the prelude to the Trojan war. Though seemingly distant from the period in which it was first performed, The Greek Envoys echoed the concerns of the day as Poland was on the brink of war with Russia at the time.Ambassador Theater’s Teen Production Camp, took this play, perennially popular in Poland but little-known in the US, as a jumping-off point for their exploration of both the Renaissance period and that of the Ancient Greeks, and the numerous ways the two intersected, culturally, religiously, politically, and most importantly, theatrically.
The three-week intensive focused on the basics–enunciation, projection, and movement–as well as more advanced techniques of text analysis and mask work. The campers, ages 10-19, got a glimpse of backstage jobs as well,

making their own masks and togas, writing and developing images for the audience’s programs, and even getting an introductory tour of the tech booth and lighting board.

We weathered strep throat, family illness, and broke-down cars to put on our final performance, but enjoyed by family and friends. We thank the Consular Division of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Cultural Development Corporation and SOURCE and Manny and Olga’s Pizza Restaurant for the supportultimately it was worth the hardship.

The group put on a solid, fully-memorized performance that was thoroughly enjoyed by family and friends.

Ambassador Theater Presents

Ambassadors of International Culture

ATICC’s Summer Theater Production Camp 2012


Dismissal of the Greek Envoys

By Jan Kochanowski

Directed by

Hanna Bondarewska

Assistant Director

Marta McKeown



Sofia B. (Chorus, Helen, Ulysses)

Gabriela Kiczor (Chorus, Nurse)

Julia Lachowska (Chorus, Captain)

Carlos Ramirez (Chorus, Antenor, Priam, Messenger)

Rhodesia Roberts (Chorus, Cassandra)

Cole Wright-Schaner (Chorus, Paris, Menelaus)

Stage Manager: Carlos Ramirez, Gabriela Kiczor

Lights: Marta McKeown, Cole Wright-Schaner

Sound:  Julia Lachowska

Costumes: Rhodesia Roberts, Gabriela Kiczor

Props: Sofia B.

Special Thanks to

Polish Consulate, Washington DC

 Cultural Development Corporation and SOURCE

ATICC’s Leadership, its members and supporters


Jul 082012

What better way to learn about theatre than by traveling to Ancient Greece where it all started?

 That is just what a group of fifteen actors, ages 6 to 12, did for the last two weeks.  Held at the beautiful George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria,  Ambassador Theater’s Youth Summer Camp brought together young aspiring  thespians from as far away as Poland and gave them the opportunity to explore  the culture, music, and history of Ancient Greece.

 With the familiar stories from Aesop’s Fables as our starting point, we were able to  bring the tales  to life on stage, learning lessons not only about morality, but about  the use of masks in Greek  theater, the societal role of actors, women and prisoners in Greek life, and a bit about Greek  architecture and how we got from the Theatron to the Theater of today.

 The two-week camp culminated in a short showcase of the work we had done, which included  performances devised entirely by the campers as well as several dance pieces. The students designed and created their very own togas and masks and were very happy to share all their new-found knowledge with their friends and parents.

Now, we are getting ready for our next adventure with the play of “The Dismissal of the Greek Envoys”

We are so anxious and excited and cannot wait to hear from the parents to join our next camp at Source Theater in Washington DC July 16 – August 3, 2012

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Browse though our pictures!:

We thank all of our parents, supporters and friends for helping  us all to have so much fun!

See you at our next adventurous and very creative summer camp!

Apr 222011

Hoffman Boston ES students become Ambassadors of International Culture

This season Ambassadors of International Culture Educational Program travels to ancient Egypt and China with the 2nd Graders of Hoffman Boston Elementary School in Arlington, VA.  

We have started coming to school twice  a week since October 2010 and helped the students to learn about the ancient worlds of Egypt and China  through the theater games and exercises.  The first few weeks the kids traveled on the world map and learnt about the continents, and major oceans.  They had lots of fun playing the games with the mnemonic devises as tongue twisters which helped them to memorize all the continents and oceans.  They have invented several rap songs with the continents and oceans while dancing around.  They played Echo Games with various character voices and with emotional expressions while reciting all the names.   Finally after few weeks of understanding where each continent is on the map they traveled to Egypt and China.

Reading the alphabet written in hieroglyphics and symbols became a  truly fun time for all kids.  They learned to visualize all the symbols through movement and memorized short poems about most important inventions, facts and monuments related to a specific country.

It was  so wonderful to watch them creating the pyramids, imitate the Sphinx or move as Pharaoh.  I cannot wait to see the final presentation June 7th!

It’s been a true pleasure to go to Hoffman Boston and discover the beauty of Ancient Egypt and China with kids who have so much to offer.

Now, we are excited to work with the Embassy of Egypt and China.  Few days ago I met with Mrs. Suzi Shoukry, wife of the Ambassador of Egypt, who graciously invited all the kids to visit her at the Ambassador residence in May and enjoy a nice exhibition of Egyptian art and little mummies while listening to Mrs. Shoulry talk to kids about her beautiful country.  There is going to be a surprise but I will talk about it later….

I also met with Mr. Tibin from the Embassy of China who has already prepared lots of materials in support of learning about China and to help us make our presentation more colorful.   We are already very excited about that too but the kids will find out later about it after they come back from their Spring Break!

You may watch us on the schools website: http://www.apsva.us/1553201016103444450/blank/browse.asp?A=383&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&C=66856

We will let you know more later!

Apr 212011

We are very excited about planning our trip to Poland this summer.  The newly written book of stories is absolutely  fantastic and we hope the kids will love to work on it.      There is  still time to register and let your child to have fun over seas with the artists and kids in Zakopane!

Summer Theater Production Camp in Zakopane, Poland

August 15-August 27, 2011
In Partnership with the Foundation,  Ambasadorowie Kultury in Poland, Ambassador Theater is presenting its first interactional theater camp in Zakopane.

Children from the US and Poland will work together on a newly published book of stories, “Ksiezycowe Bajki”—‘The Moon’s Stories” by Ewa Odachowska-Zielinska.

They will also explore the beautiful Tatra mountains and Zakopane and discover the beautiful city of Krakow.

Zakopane near Witkacy’s Theater   
Ages: 9-15
Early Registration by April 30, 2011: $850
(Regular $1,000) Does not include airfare

To Register: www.aticc.org

For more information: ambassadortheater@aticc.org

(703) 475-4036