Rob Weinzimer

Nov 112012

Probably the single most important lesson that I learned in acting school is the absolute requirement for an actor to be truthful about the character he portrays.  Whether playing the role of a hero or a villain or someone in between, the actor must always keep in mind that his character is a real person and the actor must honestly portray this real person in order to be believable on stage.  I am finding that this presents a particular challenge in preparing for a role in a
play in the style of the “theater of the absurd.” The SITUATION is absorb–not my character.  In Peephole, my character
is confronting an absurd situation–honestly, through his training and life experience as a real person–in this case, as Hasanayn, the psychiatrist.  The challenge, then, is to keep in mind that it’s the situation–not the person,–who is absurd.  This presents an additional challenge for me because my character is a pretty funny guy and I have to be careful not to turn him into a silly caricature of how people sometimes see someone of his profession.   I can’t walk and talk and behave like someone’s stereotype of a psychiatrist.  I have to walk and talk and behave like Hasanayn, the particular psychiatrist who I am portraying.  It’s a great education for me–and great fun–to work on these challenges alongside such a great “cast of characters” associated with this production.