Apr 082010
I’ve been in chorus roles before, and I know that they are never easy.  I tried to simply be ready for anything and make as many clear choices as possible. While each chorus member may be expressing one unified action, each one is going to express that action differently.  We`re not all the same person.  So the challenge of the chorus is to find a unity that incorporates the uniqueness of each chorus member in that chorus.  It’s a challenge, not an impossibility, and it`s absolutely awe-inspiring when it works.
I think Hanna did her best not to make character decisions for the chorus, allowing the chorus to organically find which was the most comfortable choice.  While the constant temptation in some situations is to allow the director to prescribe motivations and character choices, I feel that wasn`t as possible in this production.  I enjoyed the extra work it took to find directions and motivations for myself along with the rest of the cast, and I hope the audience enjoys all our ensemble efforts as well.