Lilia Slavova

Oct 122009
Hopa Tropa writer and director Lilia Slavova with actors at a rehearsal

Hopa Tropa writer and director Lilia Slavova with actors at a rehearsal

It all happened really over night! I was given the chance to be part of the Euro Kids Festival and most important to do it in Ambassador Theatre. I went….crazy! I was so excided about that opportunity that in a few seconds I decided everything about the show. It seems I have been waiting for that chance!

I knew what I wanted to direct, the idea was born in a few seconds, the name even faster. What is more stimulating than the chance to introduce your own culture to American audiences, and even more to American children? I have been directing shows from all over the world, but now I was given the chance to show the folklore side of my own culture.

I used to dance in a children’s folklore group, sing in a children’s chorus in my country, and I studied puppetry in the Institute of Dramatic Arts. This, plus my years of teaching kids (30!), all put together made sense to me. The idea to also have American actors doing it was uplifting! Dances, songs, games, sounds, traditions, rituals, and colorful costumes plus authentic objects that are part of our near past; all of that material inspired me to write a play with almost no words. For me the images are enough to tell a simple story!

I want the show to cheer our patrons, to take them on a journey to my beautiful country-Bulgaria. The best way to educate children is through playing, that’s how they learn the best and retain knowledge the longest. Let’s take our children on a short trip to a lovely little country where the traditions are still alive!

I am one lucky, lucky director! I have the best actors, whose enthusiasm and creativity inspire me to work even harder. I am also lucky, because the people working on this show with me are not only some of the best in this business, but they all are my dear friends as well! Come and enjoy a taste of Bulgarian culture!