Ivan Zizek

Jan 132013

257639_10200182440432367_1841191443_o  After our first read through and rehearsal I have several images of theatrical experiences from my youth      emerging. Most prominently the image of Till Eulenspiegel, who is a German prankster, and whom I have played in my youth.

The little theatre of the Green Goose is the type of theatre I have never seen in the United States before! It is very European in its style, and plays on the tradition of European traveling players. The humor within the scenes is reminiscent of the commedia dell’ arte. I believe that Hanna’s and Stephen’s approach to the performances of the scenes will also be executed in a European fashion.

The style of this type of theatre is very much removed from “realism”, some of the scenes are non-sensical, (i.e. the credenza scene, etc.). I am very much looking forward to being involved with such a talented group (directors and actors), and can’t wait to present this to the American audiences here in DC. My hope is that although the style of theatre is very different, the audience will be able to suspend disbelief and enjoy an evening of “old world” non-sense fun, because I know that we will!